Electrically Intermittent Oil Feeding Pump

IC Electrically intermittent  oil pump  

Type MIC160,MIC180,MIC200
1. The MIC-system use the I.C. circuit board to control the intermission and supply time of oil.
2. You can regulate the operation time with the aid of the button for controlling oil amount according to the need.(1~60 seconds,1~60 min.)
3. There is a pressure adjusting valve to commute between the oil amount and pressure.(0~5 kg)
4. You can immediately watch the pressure of the pump with the aid of oil pressure display ,so you can do the necessary adjustment.
      5. The oil tank is transparent so that you can see through the oil level and may not neglect the oil feeding while out of oil.
         Instructions of Operation and Installations:
        1. To install, fix the while oil tank onto the unit with screws.
        2. Piping, Outlet of the pipe associated with the pump is 4 or 6mmφ in diameter, while can be        connected to Aluminum pipe, Copper pipes or Nylon pipes of like diameter specifications.
        3. Turn on the power source, fill the oil tank full with lubricant, turn on the ON/OFF switch, effect    adjustment, set both the drive and intermittent buttons to the start-up position, fill the oil in full,    in each oiler hole, then adjust to the operation time as well as the intermitting on feeding time        as required, where upon the Automatic Control box will start operation exactly as such.
        4. Rotation of 3 phase motor should be consistent with arrow direction failing that the oil would    not be out and you should check whether power connection is right when this should happen.
        5. Ambient temperature to the unit in service is preferably between -20℃ to 70℃.                       
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